Save money on your blog or website

There are many reasons for having a blog or website nowadays, whether it be for personal, business, or non profit. Starting up a website doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

If not having a domain name (a .com) is okay with you then there are quite a few free options including Google’s blogger platform.

If a domain is important I would start with The great thing about GD is that there is always a ton of promo codes for things like domains and hosting. A great place to find promo codes is the NamePros forum, here. Here people will often posts codes for 99¢ and $1.99 domains. This is the cheapest you will find as other domain registrars will often charge a minimum of $10/yr.

Another great offer that Godaddy will offer is an economy hosting package for $1.00/month or $12/yr which is a really great deal, this will actually come with a free domain as well. So in the end to start a website with a domain you will have to pay a whopping $12.00, an incredible deal.

So now you have no excuses to start that e-commerce business or start blogging about your everyday life, get blogging!