Ways to save on groceries

With the ever rising food prices, eating home with smart and cost-saving grocery shopping is more important then ever. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your dollar while shopping for groceries.

-Many stores do price-matching, this can be a huge cost saver if you utilize it.

-Keep all of your food coupons and ads in one place that is visible along with a pair of scissors, so that grabbing the coupons before you go is convenient.

-Create a shopping list before you leave, buy only what is on the list, nothing more.

-Keep in mind what foods your family lets expire and doesn’t finish, buy smaller quantities of these items so nothing is wasted.

-Avoid buying groceries at gas stations and convenience stores, you pay for convenience.

-Make sure that when you buy a product on sale that it is actually something you are going to use, if not it’s a waste of money.

-Grow a garden full of vegetables (and fruits if you live somewhere warm). This will save you a ton of money.